March 2018  
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Mentoring and Leadership Ministry
Leader: Bro. R. Harris



The purpose of the Saint Mark AME Church Mentoring program is to provide an outreach program to enhance the personal, educational, occupational, communal and spiritual development of children and young adults by providing positive role models through Saint Mark AME Church.


You Can Make The Difference

Mentoring presents a rewarding opportunity for adults to help young people reach their potential.  As a trusted influence and source of caring and support, Saint Mark mentors can change lives.  Many people think it takes extraordinary skills --skills that they don’t have -- to be a mentor.  Others worry that mentoring requires an intensive time commitment and a rigid schedule of activities.  Saint Mark's mentors realize that there are many types of mentoring and many ways to get involved.  The Mentoring and Leadership Ministry here at Saint Mark allows mentors  to take the best of what they are and offer it to a young person.  By volunteering to be a mentor, you can be the person who raises a child’s self-esteem, help him or her in setting and achieving life goals and improving his or her life prospects.  At the same time, you will reap personal rewards and demonstrate your commitment to “giving back” to your community.  For more information on how you can volunteer to join the Mentoring and Leadership Ministry, request an application package today.  Or, if you would like to be a mentee, please contact Bro. Jackson.

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