TitleSubjectDelivered ByTypeDate
"Be Faithful Teachers"Church School Day 2018Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
September 16, 2018
10:00 AM
"Justice For All"Social Justice SundayPastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
September 2, 2018
10:00 AM
"Working in Unity Takes Work"Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
August 26, 2018
10:00 AM
"Prayer Power Results in Holy Spirit Changes"Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
August 19, 2018
10:00 AM
"It's Time"Rev. Dr. Kimberly BrownSunday,
August 12, 2018
10:00 AM
"Honoring God on the Other Side"Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
August 5, 2018
"Answering God's Call"Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
July 29, 2018
"We Still Have Good Bones"Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
July 22, 2018
"Keep Moving Forward"Rev. Keithlyn WarnerSunday,
July 15, 2018
"Stop Wondering and Check the Facts"Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
July 8, 2018
"From Forgiveness to Healing"Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
July 1, 2018
"Our Stone of Help" (Part 1)Student Recognition Day 2018Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
June 24, 2018
10:00 AM
"Our Stone of Help" (Part 2)Student Recognition Day 2018Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
June 24, 2018
9:45 AM
"Fathers Giving More Than DNA"Father's Day 2018Pastor Jonathan DavisMonday,
June 18, 2018
"It's Time to PUSH: Pray Until Something Happens"Women in White 2018Rev. Dr. Kimberly BrownSunday,
June 10, 2018
"Don't Avoid the Battle"Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
June 3, 2018
"The Cost of Freedom"Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
May 27, 2018
10:00 AM
"We Have the Power: Time to Be Witnesses"Pentecost Sunday; 34th Church Anniversary Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
May 20, 2018
10:00 AM
"From Lesser to Larger"Mother's Day 2018Rev. Dr. Kimberly BrownSunday,
May 13, 2018
"Jesus is Calling for Disciples, Will You Answer the Call?"Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
May 6, 2018
"Strike"Rev. Keithlyn WarnerSunday,
April 29, 2018
"Watch Out for Obstacles"Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
April 22, 2018
"What Does Your Heart Look Like?"Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
April 15, 2018
"The Cross Really Mattered, and Love was the Key"Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
April 8, 2018
"Where Do We Go From Here?"Easter 2018Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
April 1, 2018
10:00 AM
"Something Happened in the Garden"Sunrise Service 2018Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
April 1, 2018
6:00 AM
Good Friday 7 Last Words Service 2018Good Friday 2018Saint Mark's ClergyN/AFriday,
March 30, 2018
"Wash Each Other's Feet"Maundy Thursday 2018Rev. Keithlyn WarnerThursday,
March 29, 2018
"Are You Ready to be Used of God?"Palm Sunday and Men's Day 2018Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
March 25, 2018
"Knowing the Good Shepherd"Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
March 18, 2018
"Do You Believe?"Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
March 11, 2018
"Jesus is Still the Answer"Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
March 4, 2018
"A Healthy Church"Pastor Appreciation Day 2018Guest Preacher: Pastor Jacquelyn Hollingsworth, Christ Chapel AME ChurchSunday,
February 25, 2018
10:00 AM
"Coming Out of the Wilderness"Women's Missionary Society Day 2018Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
February 18, 2018
10:00 AM
"Are You Ready to Give It in Order to Get It?"Ash Wednesday 2018Rev. Dr. Kimberly BrownWednesday,
February 14, 2018
"Bridging the Great Divide"Lay Day and Founder's Day 2018Lay President, Wendy BrownSunday,
February 11, 2018
"Come Out of Your Grave Clothes and Be God's Glory"Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
February 4, 2018
"Salvation Has Come to This House"Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
January 28, 2018
"From Defeat to Power"Stewardess Day 2018Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
January 21, 2018
"Standing in the Gap Through Prayer"Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
January 14, 2018
"No Time to Get Tired"Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
January 7, 2018
"Crossing Over to Be a Witness"New Year's Eve Watch Night Service 2018Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
December 31, 2017
10:30 PM
"The Wait Is Over!"Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
December 31, 2017
Van Note Burning Ceremony, Dec 31, 2017Paper Burning Ceremony, Dec 31, 2017Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
December 31, 2017
"GOD Is With Us"Christmas Eve 2017Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
December 24, 2017
"What Does Christmas Have To Do With Us?"Rev. Dr. Kimberly BrownSunday,
December 17, 2017
"Joy is Coming"Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
December 10, 2017
"Hope is Alive"Family & Friends Day 2017Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
December 3, 2017
"In Position for a Blessing"Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
November 26, 2017
"It Was Necessary"Thanksgiving Service 2017Rev. Dr. Kimberly BrownTuesday,
November 21, 2017
"Putting on the New Man, Transformed for Greater"Men In Black 2017Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
November 19, 2017
"Don't Hold Back"Trustee Day 2017Rev. Keithlyn WarnerSunday,
November 12, 2017
"Disciples Making a Difference"Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
November 5, 2017
10:00 AM
"For His Name"Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
October 29, 2017
10:00 AM
"Saving the Unsaved"Good News Prison Ministry DayGuest Speaker: Chaplain James PennSunday,
October 22, 2017
"This is What Power Looks Like!"Women's Day 2017Guest Preacher: Pastor Anna Mosby, St. Jude AME ChurchSunday,
October 15, 2017
"God is Our Refuge"Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
October 8, 2017
"Hold Your Hands Up!"Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
October 1, 2017
"Coming Out of the Wilderness"Church School Day 2017Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
September 17, 2017
"You Can Make a Difference for Christ"Youth SundayPastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
September 10, 2017
"God Will Deliver You From Your Egypt"Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
September 3, 2017
10:00 AM
"If God Be For Us"Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
August 27, 2017
"Who or What Are You Working With?"Rev. Keithlyn WarnerSunday,
August 20, 2017
"Night is Coming"Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
August 13, 2017
"The Blood Still Works"Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
August 6, 2017
"Beware of the Adversary"Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
July 30, 2017
"Is It Well With Your Soul?"Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
July 23, 2017
"Increasing Our Faith"Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
July 9, 2017
"Put Down the Stones!"Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
July 2, 2017
"Let's Not Be Afraid to Get Deep"Student Recognition Day 2017Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
June 25, 2017
"Being the Father GOD Wants You to Be"Father's Day 2017Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
June 18, 2017
"When Your Pain Becomes Your Power"Women in White 2017Rev. Dr. Kimberly Brown BarnesSunday,
June 11, 2017
"Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way"Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
June 4, 2017
"Giving More Than Silver and Gold"Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
May 28, 2017
"Pressing Toward Something New"33rd Church Anniversary 2017Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
May 21, 2017
"A Mother's Love"Mother's Day 2017Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
May 14, 2017
"Just Do It, In Jesus' Name"Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
May 7, 2017
"What About the Scars that You Cannot See?"Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
April 30, 2017
"It's Go Time!"Pastor Jonathan DavisSunday,
April 23, 2017
"How Close Are You to the Easter Tomb?"Resurrection Day Worship Service 2017Rev. Dr. Kimberly BarnesSunday,
April 16, 2017
10:00 AM
"I Am So Glad Jesus Called My Name"Resurrection Day Sunrise Service 2017Rev. Keithlyn WarnerSunday,
April 16, 2017
6:00 AM
Good Friday 7 Last Words Service 2017Good Friday Seven Last Words Service 2017Various PreachersN/AFriday,
April 14, 2017
"The Urgency of Now"Maundy Thursday 2017Guest Preacher: Rev. Kenneth Young, Pastor, Adams Inspirational AME ChurchThursday,
April 13, 2017
"Rock Praise"Palm Sunday 2017Pastor Sterlin PowellSunday,
April 9, 2017
"A Single Payer"Pastor Sterlin PowellSunday,
April 2, 2017
"We Have a Responsibility"Men's Day 2017Guest Preacher: Rev. Anthony RadcliffSunday,
March 26, 2017
"Speak Life into a Dead Situation"Pastor Sterlin PowellSunday,
March 19, 2017
"Get Out!"Pastor Sterlin PowellSunday,
March 12, 2017
"Fasting to Please Jesus"Pastor Sterlin PowellSunday,
March 5, 2017
"A New Heaven and a New Earth"Ash Wednesday 2017Rev. Sadie AtkinsonWednesday,
March 1, 2017
"Broaden My Horizons"Pastor's Appreciation Day 2017Rev. Keithlyn WarnerSunday,
February 26, 2017
"The Audacity of Hope"Women's Missionary Society Day 2017Dr. Raneesha Ford JeffersonSunday,
February 19, 2017
"You Got the Power!"Lay Day 2017Pastor Sterlin PowellSunday,
February 12, 2017
"Washed in the Blood"Pastor Sterlin PowellSunday,
February 5, 2017
"Are You Still In Love?"Pastor Sterlin PowellSunday,
January 29, 2017
"Are You Ready to Walk Through That Door?"Pastor Sterlin PowellSunday,
January 22, 2017
"Great is Your Faithfulness"Rev. Keithlyn WarnerSunday,
January 15, 2017
"Baptized in the Fire"Pastor Sterlin PowellSunday,
January 8, 2017
"God's Gonna Do a New Thing in 2017"New Year's Day 2017Pastor Sterlin PowellSunday,
January 1, 2017

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