Good Friday 7 Last Words Service 2017
Delivered By
Various Preachers
Delivered On
April 14, 2017
Good Friday Seven Last Words Service 2017

Press the link that follows each Word to listen to audio of message.

1st Word (Father, forgive them...) - Exhorter Michelle McDuffie, New Creation AME Church


2nd Word ( you will be with me in Paradise.) - Rev. Kimberly Young, Adams Inspirational AME Church


3rd Word ( is your son.) - Rev. Barbara Williams, New Creation AME Church


4th Word (...why have You forsaken Me?) - Rev. Keithlyn Warner


5th Word (... I thirst.) - Rev. Charlotte Ritchie, New Creation AME Church


6th Word (It is finished.) - Rev. Dr. Kimberly Barnes


7th Word (Father, into Your hands I commit My Spirit.) - Rev. Edith Robinson, New Creation AME Church

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